How To Know If Your Dog Is Underweight Or Overweight

How to know is your dog is underweight or overweight

If your dog is underweight: Your dog isn’t getting enough to eat if you can easily see its ribs, vertebrae, and pelvic bones, feel no fat on the bones, and possibly notice some loss of muscle mass. If your dog is of ideal weight: Your dog is an ideal weight if you an easily feel […]

Feeding 1 Tsp Of Ghee Can Improve your dog’s health

Feeding 1 tsp of ghee can improve your dog's digestion (1)

Here are 5 major benefits of ghee for your dog: 1. Healthy Joints Ghee helps build strong bones and lubricates the hips and joints.  2. Skin And Coat Ghee is also high in butyric acid. This reduces inflammation in the hips and joints as well as the skin 3. Immunity Boost Ghee is also full of […]