Malika Nagia

Fresh For Paws makes great food with healthy and delicious ingredients that my dogs refuse to eat their regular food without. A pack of Fresh For Paws is a must to enhance the taste for them and let them enjoy their meal! Love the variety of flavours it comes in as my dogs absolutely love all flavours and are able to eat different flavours and never get bored of it.

Zoravar Singh

I’ve been under the impression that dogs prefer non veg. I brought Chicken Stew and Paneer Stew from Fresh For Paws for my pet shiro. He loved both but what was surprising to me was that he enjoyed the paneer stew more. His utensil was empty within 2 minutes after serving. Shiro is a big fan now and I am 200% sure that the food is fresh with no preservatives.

Prarthna Sharma

My spoilt brat,needs someone to feed him with their hands.To our surprise when we put the chicken stew in his bowl,it was over before we knew it. Toto relished every single bite of the stew.Thank you Fresh For Paws for coming out with such an innovative idea and making meals for our furry babies so tasty and healthy.

Heal Your Paws Team

We have been using Fresh For Paws for a year now for all our in house dogs. It’s natural and organic with no preservatives. The food keeps our dogs healthy, they gobble it up! Thankyou Fresh For Paws for such a great product.

Kishneet Sethi

The Chicken Stew and Peanut Butter are loved by my Zaaru! thank you so much for such highly nutritional meals! Love that we have an option of healthy and good packed food for our puppies.

Srishti Sharma

These days where everything is so commercialized, it is very difficult to come across the right professional who would be able to guide and provide the right knowledge and products for our pets and I'm glad to have met Srishti as I can trust her when it comes to Cooper's diet and he too loved all the meals!

Roopali Khosla

My fussy eater puppy drools on the Chicken Stew & Vegetable Stew and finishes it the moment it is served. Thank you Fresh For Paws for providing a delicious healthy meal for my pooch.

Harshit Juneja

I've always been sceptical of trying packaged food for my Beagle,whom we call "Fego", and hence always relied on home cooked food.At an event, I found a cute little stall by the name of "FreshForPaws" and let my beagle try a chicken stew sample of this newly opened venture. I could see the freshness of the product and wasn't surprised to see Fego finish the sample in a couple of seconds. I strongly recommend Fresh For Paws for all the pets,and I believe this newly opened venture has a variety of flavours for your pets to relish - so your pet doesn't get bored of having the same thing everyday!


I have a German shepherd and he is 1 year old.He is very fussy about his food but the stews provided by Fresh For Paws are just amazing,he loves the Paneer and Chicken Stew and slurps it within a minute. I received a sample a month ago and since then my dog is loving the stews.Thanks for such an amazing product.


Kaizer loves the vegetable stew and finishes it in the blink of an eye. Fresh For Paws makes sure that the freshness of the food stays intact.When you open the food packets get a lovely aroma.It's in ready to eat form, I never have to worry about his food even if I am not at home.


Fresh For Paws is such a great meal for dogs. Dusky loves it, he gets very excited to see the pack, be it Vegetable or Paneer, he likes it all. Great thing about Fresh for paws is that it’s very healthy and nutritious. You get what you see, there are no unwanted things added to it. I highly recommend it to all other pet owners.

Sahiba Suri

Fresh For Paws gave my little bundle of joy his personal healthy & yummy meal. Fed him the Chicken and Vegetable Stews, both which he loved and gobbled in a second.I was impressed by the freshness of the meal, the packaging was as per that I could save it for his second meal as well. No mess and comfortable. Can be stored without a fridge and no reheating issues. Moreover it's homemade and healthy, keeps Fido's weight on check. Would love to switch to Fresh For Paws. Glad that I got introduced to Fresh For Paws!

Chandni Chopra

Fresh For Paws is a start up by Srishti. She is a young and an enthusiastic entrepreneur. Her love for pooches is what led to the invention of this wonderful concept. She provides fresh, home cooked meals for our beloved four legged friends. My pet absolutely loved the chicken stew and devoured it.The bowl was licked clean in no time! Highly recommend fresh for paws to all dog owners. It’s safe, yummy and healthy!

Kavishvi Kohli

Fresh For Paws is one of the most amazing ready to eat meals for the pet babies at home. My dog just loves the chicken stew. He gobbles it up in seconds. I have never seen him go so crazy for any meal except for when he gets to smell the fresh for paws packet. Fresh, healthy and tasty meals. Would highly recommend to all the pet parents!! Thank you so much Fresh For Paws for amazing products! Keep it up!!!

Priyanka Manuja

Zaru being a choosy baby,never liked any dog food much but when she tasted the chicken and vegetable stew by Fresh For Paws she loved it.She didn’t even take a minute to eat it!It gave me a sign of relief and I knew where to get the best food for her. Also special thanks to Srishti for making and preparing all the recipes by herself keeping in mind the requirements of your doggu and also educating her customers about the same! Keep up the good work.

Sagar Gulati

Fresh For Paws make yummy food for your doggies and I can totally vouch on that as my dog Coco loves the Chicken Stew he had. The food is home cooked and full of all the nutritional values your dog wants. Srishti is doing an amazing job and making our lives easy, keep up the good work. Coco is a fan of Fresh For Paws and can’t wait for more products.


I can't stress enough on how influential Fresh For Paws' products have been in the transition of my Beagle's dietary habit of eating unhealthy home made food to healthy pet food. Initially, we tried out the "Casserole" & the "Paneer Stew"; both of them were Joy's (my Beagle's name) instant favorite. A few weeks later, I purchased FFP's famous Peanut Butter, and it didn't disappoint. Joy always went gaga over it, and we served him 4-5 spoons a week. FFP claims that it has the perfect balance of sugar and salt, which is just another reason to get it. Trivia: Joy only eats vegetarian food. Overall, Fresh For Paws is an innovative initiative towards a more organic and affordable dog food which doesn't sacrifice on quality and taste (discernable from how fast my dog eats it). A big thumbs up for FRESH FOR PAWS.

Nandini Khosla

My fuzzy baby eats it in the blink of an eye. Tasty, healthy and so very convenient to carry. A perfect meal, for your little one.

Rasesh Khanna

Had a great experience with Fresh For Paws, and their Peanut Butter is love. Food quality and packaging is top notch. My dog loves everything from this company. Highly recommend them. Genuine product with love and care.

Pratul Kapoor

We are using your Fresh For Paws Peanut Butter for my puppy Alex ( Golden retriever) and it's simply amazing. He loves it. Thank you for making such a great product.

Palka Dhingra

Waffle is a very choosy pup and when we made him try chicken stew the bowl was empty in 2 minutes as he is fond of chicken we made him try vegetable stew and he loved it as much and we're so happy and satisfied with the quality of food by Fresh For Paws.

Gini Anand

Honestly I have never come across a dog brand that really cares about the four legged, Srishti- the founder has only one motto- to make our furry friends healthy and happy. She's clearly lived up to it. I have two Goldies and they really can't live without the Fresh For Paws Peanut Butter, it's their most favourite thing and guess what it's healthy. I've tried all the FFP meals and my babies literally devour the food to an extent that the utensils need no cleaning.

Poul Jensen

We tried all sorts of hypo allergenic foods. He's not happy about much of it However he loved Fresh For Paws Meals and I guess it is as close to hypo allergenic as possible - no grains, freshly made, few ingredients etc and turmeric is good!

Sukanya Dutta

All thanks to Fresh For Paws. by god's grace the vet was really happy yesterday with his growth at 6 months and was curious to know what i'm really feeding him.

Mohit Sharma

My dog loved it especially the peanut butter, which he tasted for the first time!!' I must say the packaging is up to international standards. Most willing to provide feedback in any other avenue. Cheers!!

Meher Anand

The moment I open the lid of the peanut butter jar, Tia and Maria get to know in an instant and come running for it!! that is how much they love the Fresh For Paws Peanut butter. It's not just them I too am a sucker for their peanut butter because it's super healthy and tasty. The meals are also thoroughly relished by them.


Your food is amazing. I have started feeding my Pittie FFP meals as regular meal every 2 days and there's a big difference in his skin and health overall. He jumps every time he seed the packet being opened. Good work!

Sukanya Dutta

Last time ordered the monthly inventory from Fresh For Paws for my pup. My dog has grown up on Fresh For Paws, It's almost been a year now. You guys are a blessing. People in US don't have access to such fresh pup food. My friends are super jealous that we have you guys. Can't thank you enough.

Aashi Wadhwa

My dog Oli has stopped eating other food now and he only eats Fresh For Paws meals, he is so in love. Thank You!

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