Holi – Festival of Colors.

The Festival of Colors
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Holi is a festival of colours and loads of joy for us. But we tend to neglect our furry friends at the street and our homes. Please do not get carried away and make it a Pet – Friendly Holi for these little ones.

Let’s make sure to follow these tips to keep your little ones safe and happy:

  1. Keep them away from colours as they can cause allergies, asthma, irritation, cancers, organ failures etc.
  2. Do not put water on them. It’s not summers yet so please don’t wet them, they might fall sick, they can catch cold, fever or even pneumonia. The water can be a cause of fungal it bacterial infections.
  3. Please do not feed them sweets! What may be good and yummy for us can be a cause of issues for your little ones. So please don’t feed them the mithais.
  4. Take them for a walk early in the morning before all the celebrations begins and keep them inside.
  5. Please be kind towards the strays, they have no one to take care of them. So if you see one having trouble because of the colours and water, give them a helping hand.