Lamb On The Go

Our Lamb On The Go makes a delicious meal for our furry friends. It is made from Fresh Lamb, Lamb Liver, Pumpkin, Carrot,
Okra, Pomegranate, Apple, Beetroot, Flaxseeds, Blueberries, Rosehip, Basil and stock cooked in Coconut & Wheatgerm Oil. It a COMPLETE and BALANCED meal and is GRAIN- FREE.
It’s packed with PROTEIN, AMINO ACIDS, and other nutrients that your pooch needs to stay in tip-top shape. It is LOW in FAT and rich in VITAMIN A, Bs, C, BETA CAROTENE and Minerals – IRON, POTASSIUM, MAGNESIUM, CALCIUM, FOLIC ACID, CHOLINE, MANGANESE and PHOSPHORUS which contributes to HEALTHY SKIN & COAT, IMMUNE SYSTEM, METABOLISM, NERVES, MUSCLES, BONES, LIVER, BRAIN FUNCTION, TISSUE MAINTENANCE and INCREASES ENERGY LEVELS. The meal is EASY TO DIGEST as it has HIGH FIBRE . It has an impact on the DIGESTIVE & GUT HEALTH. It is also rich in FATTY ACIDS and HEALTHY SATURATED FATS. The meal possess ANTI- FUNGAL and ANTI- INFLAMMATORY properties that help FIGHT ALLERGIES AND DISEASES, EASES ARTHRITIS and IMPROVES KIDNEY FUNCTION. It has ANTIOXIDANTS which prevent CELL DAMAGE. This meal is suitable for Cats as well.



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