Summers are here!

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Summers are here and it’s as dreadful for our furry friend as it is for us. Here are a few diet tips to help you feed them better.

Eggs for summers are absolutely perfect as it’s a myth that they generate heat. They don’t. They are a complete food as they have proteins, carbohydrates and fats in the exact proportions.

Chicken in summers can be avoided a little as it causes heat in the body. Dogs sometimes don’t feel like eating it in this weather.

Heat producing meats like lamb, goat and fish like tuna can be avoided in summers.

Grains & Wheat also generate heat in the body.

It’s always good to add cooling foods in the diet like Freshwater Fish or Duck. You can always add green vegetables and fruits with high water content like Watermelon, Melon , Pineapple Cucumber, Broccoli, Zucchini etc. It’s always good to add cold pressed oils – Coconut Oil, Ghee etc to make up for the good fats in the diet.

Don’t forget to keep them hydrated in these weather. You can always give them plain buttermilk, coconut water, yogurt. Make sure if your dog doesn’t drink much you water to add broths in their food or just plain water would also do. It’s always good to give them moist food in this season.

We have a lot of DIYs to help you keep your furry friends cool this summer.

Let’s not forget our friends on the road and keep a bowl of fresh water for them outside.