Why Choose Fresh For Paws?

Why Choose fresh for paws
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Fresh For Paws as the brand name sounds is a company for our furry friends out there. Fresh For Paws ensures both freshness and the nutritional value of the food packed with hassle free method – no scooping, no defrosting or guesswork. 

We use the Ready-To-Eat technology to pack our food so that it’s convenient for the pet parents to serve it to their poochies and at the same time not to worry about its storage requirements as we provide a shelf life of two years! 

Our Ready to eat meals for dogs are homemade, grain-free and proportioned for your furry friend’s calorie intake. We have a variety of meals to choose from with includes both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. 

And you know the best part about our food is we are all natural. We don’t add any preservatives or additives in it. So be rest assured your dog is eating a high quality nutritional meal to make him/her happy and full.

Following are a few reasons why you shouldn’t think twice before purchasing a Fresh For Paws Ready-To-Eat-Meal for your furry friend because they deserve the best of the best –

  • 100% Human Grade Grain Free Food – At Fresh For Paws we make sure the food is made from freshly picked ingredients with the best quality. We do not use rendered meats, byproducts or preservatives.
  • 100% Natural, No preservatives or added agents- No artificial material is added, only the ingredients which are mentioned on the packets are there and it’s evident when you open the food. 
  • AAFCO Standards- Our Ready-to-eat meals meets the nutrition standards that are set by AAFCO. Every recipe is researched upon and only after careful calculation of the nutritional values are they launched. 
  • FSSAI & HACCP certified- Fresh for Paws meals are prepared in an FSSAI & HACCP certified facility. 
  • Highest Quality- We ensure that the raw stock suppliers maintain the highest quality and hygiene. 
  • State-Of-The-Art Technology- Our food technology gives us and edge over other food as when you open the packet you can actually smell the ingredients instead of getting a foul smell. It helps us to ensure the freshness and taste in each meal.
  • No Freezing- The Ready-to-eat meals don’t require scooping, freezing or defrosting.