Why Switch to Fresh for Paws for your senior furry friend?

Dog food for senior dogs
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Here are some solid reasons why you should switch to FFP Meals-

If you were feeding a senior human, your priority would be to ensure that the person’s diet was filled with fresh and whole foods.

Well, the same should apply to your pooch too…

Ideally, your dog’s meals should feature a variety of quality proteins, that can include mutton, chicken, chicken & mutton liver etc. 

Certain vegetables can also be extremely beneficial which are high in vitamins, low in fat, rich in antioxidants and packed with fibre 

Higher fibre – this helps with gastrointestinal health

Less fat and calories – senior dogs don’t require as much energy as younger dogs

Higher quality protein sources – to help maintain body weight without putting a strain on organs

Omega fatty acids – these help with everything from the joints to the skin and coat

Antioxidants – these can help to slow down the overall aging process, making symptoms much milder

The Fresh For Paws Meals will be the best diet  for a senior dog since it contains  the above mentioned nutrition along with high quality proteins and some additional supplements.