Wholesome Goat Feast

As the name says, it’s a FEAST! it is a COMPLETE & BALANCED meal and It is GRAIN- FREE.
Our Meal is HIGH in PROTEIN and LOW in CALORIES. It contains a decent amount of OMEGA-3 & 6 FATTY ACIDS, which
help REDUCE INFLAMMATION and keep the pup as STRONG as they can be. It is rich in FOLIC ACID and ESSENTIAL FATTY ACIDS that will ensure the overall WELL BEING of the dog. It has VITAMIN A, Bs, C, E, K, BETA- CAROTENE and Minerals – IRON, POTASSIUM, CALCIUM, and MAGNESIUM which supports HEALTHY METABOLISM, SUPPLE SKIN & COAT, IMMUNE SYSTEM, NERVES, MUSCLES, BONES,
Our recipe is HIGHLY DIGESTIBLE because of FIBRE rich vegetables. It has an overall I patch on the DIGESTIVE and GUT
HEALTH. It is ANTI- INFLAMMATORY and contains ANTIOXIDANTS that help prevent many types of ILLNESSES including cancer. It also helps prevent CELLULAR DAMAGE and eases ARTHRITIS PAIN and fight against ALLERGIES, ASTHMA and INFLAMMATORY DISEASES. It boosts ENERGY LEVELS as well.
Our Feast has Fresh Goat Meat, Goat Liver, Pumpkin, Carrot, Green Beans, Okra, Pomegranate, Basil, Hemp Hearts, Strawberries, Mango and Stock cooked in Wheatgerm and Coconut Oil. It is suitable for Cats as well



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